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A Grey Balloon Day For Canada – Legal Marijuana is Nothing to Celebrate

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by Pamela McColl Canada implements the legal marijuana framework on October 17, 2018. In doing so the federal government, led by Justin Trudeau, breaks with long-standing international drug prevention partners, including the United States. Canada walks away from the three UN Drug Conventions, as violates articles within The Rights of the Child Treaty.  In response to legalization concerned citizens are rallying under the banner – “A Grey Balloon Day For Canada “- Legal Marijuana is Nothing To Celebrate. Concern focuses on the issue of second-hand marijuana smoke exposure in the home, the long list of marijuana harms to health, and the serious problem of drugged driving.

The grey balloon theme is in response to the expected “pot party” that will take center stage across the country, as tens if not hundreds of thousands of pot revellers choose to celebrate the day. They will wave the Canada cannabis flags, smoke their drug of choice in public parks and on public streets, and will be heard chanting, as they have in the past, “Overgrow Canada and Free the Weed”.

October 17, 2018 is not a day for celebration, as Canada is vastly ill-prepared for such an enormous change in public policy.

University of Calgary assistant professor Rebecca Haines-Saah was quoted in the Edmonton Journal on October 10, as saying:

“But we wouldn’t be making this change if we didn’t have evidence to support the fact that it’s not going to be mass hysteria, or a weed zombie apocalypse.” The federal government failed to produce a child risk assessment of their pot legislation, they failed to produce an environmental impact study on The Cannabis Bill, as they failed to produce a thorough cost analysis. The government is barrelling ahead with no evidence that their approach will reduce youth use or meaningfully curtail the black market, their stated goals for taking the country down the legalization path.

Marijuana mayhem? Marijuana fear-mongering? Rebecca Haines-Smith show us the evidence that the sky will not fall, that the country will not be made worse by legalizing this psychotropic drug with its very serious risk profile. Show is the evidence that more youth won’t take to pot under this drive to normalize and commercialize marijuana.

The Canadian media have been preoccupied with the emerging pot industry and have relentlessly covered its ridiculous rise in terms of stock value. Investors have pouring vast sum into these hyped up entities, positively giddy over the prospect of a pot driven economic boom at home and Canada dominated global pot expansion.

A Grey Day suggests that we post this balloon on our Facebook picture during the week of October 17, 2018

But here is the snag.

According to part three of Bill C-45 (The Cannabis Bill) clauses 61 to 68 states regarding the exportation of marijuana: Licences and permits may be issued in relation to…. importation and exportation (clause 62(1)) of cannabis. Importation and exportation, however, can be authorized for medical or scientific purposes only.

Marijuana products for non-medical use cannot under the laws that come into effect on October 17, 2018 be exported.

Canada has no choice but to weather the marijuana mess that has been thrust upon them by a reckless Prime Minister, who is so arrogant as to suggest that he will be the one to show the world how to legalize marijuana the right way.  The world needs to decide whether or not Canada’s pot problem should be contained within the country’s borders or be unleashed on the world at large. This is the burning question.

Pamela McColl

2962 Point Grey Road

Vancouver BC V6M 1B1

236 866 5055

Pamela McColl wrote the editorial above, but British journalist Peter Hitchens also published yesterday on this subject.   

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