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Real Milk is Gaining Ground as its health benefits become known

Campaign for Real Milk Goes to the Heartland

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A Wall Street Journal article of June 13, 2013 revealed three recent studies which tested and cleared the safety of Raw Milk.  Raw milk, also called real milk, is unpasteurized.  In the tug-of-war between some government groups who claim it is inherently unsafe and farmer food activists, real milk is gaining ground.  Thoughtful-living.org supports farmers Alvin Schlangen and Vernon Hershberger and believes their recent victories in Court are important turning points for the real milk movement.

The Campaign for Real Milk will be taken to the Heartland, with publicist Kimberly Hartke giving a presentation in Chicago on Wednesday night, August 7, 2013.  It will be held at the Norwegian Lutheran Church Memorial Church at 2608 North Kedzie Boulevard (Logan Square–Blue Line)  Chicago, at 7:00 p.m.  The event is free-of-charge.

Raw Milk and other food samples will be available for tasting.  One sponsor is Farm Match, a organization started by Max Kane of Wisconsin, who used Raw Milk to heal from a devastating case of Crohn’s Disease.  Another sponsor is the Great Chicago Area Whole Food Nutrition Meetup Group

Kimberly Hartke, the speaker, is the publicist for the non-profit, A Campaign for Real Milk.   Kimberly is also a food and nutrition blogger, small farmer advocate, food sovereignity activist, and has worked on the raw milk issue in the US and Canada for the past six years.  She’ll tell the story of how raw milk healed her own great-grandmother.  The lecture will be an educational experience for both raw milk devotees and those interested in learning about it.

Recently A Campaign for Real Milk has been gaining ground.  Most states now allow its sale,  but don’t always make it easy. Hartke will explain the reasons for the controversy.   As Mercola.com revealed, real milk is now available in the Chicago metropolitan area.  (For other states, here’s a list.)

Real milk is a safe and healthy food, as long as it comes from healthy cows who have been milked under sanitary conditions.  The cows must be tested free of TB and fever, and not have any infections such as mastitis.  The milk should be full-fat milk, and it must be  chilled down immediately and kept that way.

Amish children and children raised on farms with raw milk are free from the asthma, allergies, autism and other maladies that plague today’s children.  Parents who have access to real milk brought directly from farms can eliminate a number of health problems in their children.  Additionally, some adults with asthma and allergies have found that raw dairy products provide a histamine blocker which reduces their need for pharmaceuticals.
Kimberly Hartke at Hedgebrook Farms

Kimberly Hartke


It’s time for the federal government and school systems to acknowledge that the fat in milk is not bad for us.  Full-fat milk is not what is making today’s children fatter than previous generations.  Rather, it is the quality of our cheap, chemically-enhanced foods.  The latter is what should be taken out of school lunches, not whole milk which is full of calcium.

As the dairy industry is now trying to promote aspartame in milk to boost sales, it’s important to fight against this trend.  Aspartame, used in NutraSweet and other artificial sweeteners, is unsafe.

Soy milk is not an alternative for children who are intolerant of pasteurized milk, because the photo-estrogens in soy milk are endocrine disruptors and thyroid problems are very prevalent today.  There is great concern about the safety of soy infant formula, which has been banned in France and Great Britain.

Real milk is an alternative for children who are lactose-intolerant and can’t handle pasteurized milk of today.  Lactose intolerance is eliminated 90% of the time with real milk.  The reason for lactose intolerance is that pasteurization takes the lactase out of milk.  Lactase is the enzyme needed to break down lactose.  The friendly bacteria in real milk facilitates the creation of lactase in humans who are unable to produce it, while pasteurization kills it.

A Campaign for Real Milk is especially important now that too many processed foods and GMOs have changed our health, contributing to autism, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, all of which have reached epidemic proportions.  To learn more about the raw milk issue, go to their website, and follow their facebook page, to learn of new and emerging issues.

To attend this free event, or join the Meetup group, you can sign up here.  To contribute to small farmers who seek freedom to sell directly to consumers, raw milk or otherwise, you can donate  through the FTCLDF.   Even small donations will go a long way to assure the survival of farmers like Schlangen and Hershberger.


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