Thoughtful living is a non-profit, non-partisan organization promoting careful consideration of the choices we make as individuals and society.  It is intended to be a resource for parents, their children, teachers and others.

It is hoped that young people and those who care about them think before making choices or advocating for positions that may be harmful to themselves and others:  Genetically – modified foods, marijuana legalization, medical marijuana and veganism.

Some of these articles wish to counter excessive hype and inaccuracies posted on the Internet.  Health choices, such as using marijuana or following a vegan diet, are marketed to children, not the mature adults who stand to lose far less if beginning at an older age.

We have no connection to politicians, government or industry, but are united in our concern for the physical and psychological health of today’s youth.   Guest columnists are invited to write articles and/or letters to be reviewed by the staff before publication on this website.    Contact thoughtfulness@thoughtful-living.org.