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Liberty of Guns And Weed Acted Out in Puyallup, Washington

Liberty for Guns And Weed Acted Out in Puyallup, Washington

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On December 5, 2012, the day that weed became legal in Washington state, two hooded intruders were shot to death during a break-in attempt into a marijuana growing operation in Puyallup.  The large, gated home had a 6-car garage with a loft above where the marijuana is grown.   The  35-year old owner was being held for questioning by police since his possession exceeds the legal limits.  On the other hand, a resident of Orting, WA, was beaten to death while defending his marijuana plants in March, 2010.

Guns and Weed, a documentary film released in 2011, gives insights into the mind of those calling for legalizing marijuana.  Guns and weed go together and the incident in Puyallup, Washington, is only one of so many incidents suggesting that gun defenders and marijuana growers are not peace lovers at all.   Guns and Weed presents the arguments of those who cry loudly for freedom and against any type of government involvement in our lives.

Humboldt, CA, is the nation’s largest marijuana growing center, but the only county in California which bans Raw Milk.  Although the movie has a tiny interlude about Raw Milk, it fails to mention this great irony of marijuana capital clamping down on Raw Milk freedom!

While freedom is a founding principle of this country, we have to be careful when advocates who say “my” freedom comes at the expense of everyone else.  Where do we draw a line?  Marijuana and gun right advocates typically throw up a defense mechanism against reasonable discussion by suggesting those who disagree are either tyrants, evil or idiots.

In the movie, a major argument used against gun control is that Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin imposed gun control on citizens before committing horrendous crimes and mass murder against their people.  In short, they suggest the US government would want the same thing.

“The fear not to recognize our individual rights will turn this country into a police state.”

“Public schools are the ultimate authoritarian tool.  Teachers unions support the slave camps of the indoctrination system.”

“To disarm the people is to enslave them.  Those who would enslave us in this country, ……Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama …………”

“Industrialized hemp can save the planet.”

“If drugs were legalized tomorrow, the drug lords will be out of business.”

“If you don’t pay your taxes, they send people to your house to try to collect….. with guns.”

“The war on drugs fuels the war on guns.”

“An army of lawyers who make their living as public defenders will be out of work if you end the war on drugs.”

“You can’t outlaw drugs and still claim to be for the free market.”

“You can’t have civil liberties and be against ownership of guns. Our right to bear arms allows physical defense of our rights.

Those who call for legalization say it will take the profits away from criminals and Mexican cartels, though the crime rate was already drastically reduced last year in Mexico ahead of legalization. Where marijuana grows have been tolerated for a long time, in Mendocino County, California, marijuana has choked out the forests on national lands, and marijuana growers have used pesticides and caused unprecedented damage to the environment for all the residents.

“I don’t believe the war on drugs in winnable,”  one person says in the movie.    The spokesman obviously forgot the US government is not calling it a war on drugs any longer.

Conspiracy theories are very popular with marijuana advocates, and one of their favorite unfounded theories is that newspaper baron WR Hearst advocated against it, gaining support from the DuPonts in order to protect the paper industry against a hemp industry.  (The hemp plant, related to marijuana, is grown in China, but it is questionable how well it could do in US, according to a recent book, Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know.)  

“Pot is illegal because there is too much money in keeping it illegal,” is another echo in the conspiracy theory arguments state in Guns and Weed.

Conspiracy theory also drives the pro-gun arguments:  “Politicians want to whittle away at our 2nd amendment so they are protected when they put themselves in power indefinitely so that no one has any way to stop them.”   Guns and Weed  freedom was acted out in Puyallup a month ago and in Orting, WA in 2010.  Is this activity what the filmmakers want?

The filmmakers appear to believe the “War on Guns” and “War on Weeds” are about the same thing.  The premises stated in Guns and Weeds are absolute beliefs and ultimatums of fear.  There is a middle road and the middle road on these issues needs to be heard, too.

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One comment

  1. I agree with John.
    Both gun bans and marijuana bans are issues of personal liberty and I am for both.
    However, anytime I talk to marijuana advocates about gun advocacy they get irate
    anytime I talk to gun advocates about marijuana advocacy they get irate.

    We need to get past the individual differences and come together to help us ALL get ALL our rights/liberties back.
    It is not the federal government’s job.

    I’m looking for a state to legalize marijuana and support my 2nd amendment rights. But I think I may be wishful thinking. 🙁