Progressive Insurance Connection to Marijuana

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Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/poppot/public_html/ on line 134 encourages drivers insured by Progressive Insurance Co to  switch your auto insurance to another company, because Progressive’s Chairman donated $219,005 to the 2010 campaign to legalize marijuana in California.  Chairman Peter Lewis obviously has far too much or our money if he can afford to take the profits he made on our auto insurance premiums on a cause that threatens safety on the road.  Columbia University released a study showing that threat of having car accidents is doubled after a driver has been smoking marijuana.

Fortunately California’s 2010 campaign for Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana was voted down by nearly 8 percentage points, although the money donated by those wanting to legalize it was 10 times the amount of the opposition.  George Soros, a hedge fund manager and currency arbitrager convicted of insider trading in France, should have learned a small lesson from giving nearly $15 million to three failed pot-legalization campaigns in Nevada (2002, 2004, 2006).  In California last year, Soros only donated $1 million to Proposition 19, small pennies in this man’s fortune made by betting against the currencies of various countries. Peter Lewis split his contributions between the Proposition 19 campaign committee and the Drug Policy Action committee which also promoted legalization.

Losing this money on pot legalization initiatives which do not pass is only a drop in the bucket for billionaires like Lewis and Soros, the latter of whom had his conviction of insider trading upheld in appeal by the European Court of Human Rights in October, 2011.  Soros and Lewis give to worthy and respectable charities, as extremely wealthy individuals usually do. It is good way to allay guilt, but billionaires are often not in touch with reality and trying to put their stamp on pot legalization borders on madness.

It is truly surprising that Mr. Lewis donated money when the evidence of marijuana use and accidents has been known for quite a long time.  A study tracking 10,748 drivers involved in fatal crashes between 2001 and 2003 by the French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research found that seven percent of drivers involved in a fatal highway crash used marijuana. Driving after smoking even a small amount of marijuana almost doubles the risk of a fatal highway accident.  Though the total number of fatalities caused by smoking pot are less than those caused by drinking alcohol, we cannot discount the large number of lethal drivers who test positive for both alcohol and marijuana.  Furthermore, a study conducted in New Zealand in 2004, suggested that habitual use of marijuana is associated with a 10-fold increase in the risk of car crash injury.  The Columbia University study was released in October, 2011, and it refutes the claims of many pot advocacy websites which suggest no correlation between pot smoking and accidents.

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  1. What an absurd website . . . You would have to be a complete idiot to believe this b.s. Maybe someone should have told them that as of this year, more people agree with the legalization of marijuana than disagree. And the trend will continue regardless of this futile attempt at demonization of a plant. Peace!

  2. redickulous

    HAH! good to see more VERY informing facts, once again.
    A study tracking 10,748 drivers involved in fatal crashes between 2001 and 2003 by the French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research found that seven percent of drivers involved in a fatal highway crash used marijuana, what they dont tell you is that THC is not water soluble, now I dont know if any of you thick headed imbeciles know what that means so I’ll explain, THC STAYS IN YOUR SYSTEM FOR 30 DAYS!!!
    Of course your going to have pot in your system, it takes a while to flush it out, I can guarantee 95% of those drivers were’nt under the influence of pot at the time of the crash.
    As for it doubling the amount of accidents it causes, what you fools dont realize is that people who are high, know their high so they realize they have to be careful on the road, whereas people who are drunk may know their drunk, but they dont know how drunk they really are, so they get behind the wheel anyway.
    Honestly I dont trust myself to drive when I’m high, so I either walk or I have someone else drive.
    Get some real facts and not just lies and baseless information


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