Raw Milk film screened in Chicago, on Capitol Hill

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The plight of raw milk farmers and their clients is exposed in Farmegeddon, a film by Kristin Canty currently being screened in Chicago and on Capitol Hill.  Kristin Canty’s concern comes from being a mother of a child with asthma and allergies. When she switched her family from pasteurized milk to raw milk, all her son’s allergies were gone.

Getting raw milk to families becomes more urgent with the many epidemic of allergies, autism, ADHD and auto-immune diseases our children have from the increasingly processed food supply.  Many children have become lactose-intolerant, as pasteurization takes the lactase out of milk.  Families who have access to raw milk directly bought from farms are able to get better nutrition and eliminate a  number of allergies and health problems.   Its availability varies from state to state.

According to Mark McAfee,  of Organic Pastures in Fresno, California,  “It is the friendly bacteria in raw milk that facilitate the creation of lactase in the intestine where it is needed. That is why lactose-intolerant people can drink raw milk without a problem. Pasteurization kills these friendly bacteria.” 1  Lactase is the enzyme that breaks down milk sugar and which some humans are unable to produce.

Farmageddon chronicles the plight of American farmers from many different states who have been hassled by the FDA for selling raw milk or transporting it against state lines.  The Farm Food Freedom Coalition organized  a peaceful march in Chicago last week to bring 100 gallons  raw milk from Wisconsin to Chicago to distribute to mothers.  An FDA regulation, federal law 21 CFR § 1240.61  bans interstate transport of raw milk for human consumption.  The Chicago march follows a freedom ride of mothers who brought raw milk from Pennsylvania to the FDA headquarters in Silver Spring MD on November 1.

Why do these mothers with concerns prefer raw milk over soy milk?  Over 700 studies have chronicled the damage soy does to developing fetuses, children.  According to health activist Elaine Hollingsworth,  who co-authored  Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry, there is great concern about the safety of soy infant formulas.2   A study in Europe  has shown the advantage of raw milk over pasteurized milk. 3

There is great concern that soy phyto-estrogens are a contributor to autism, hypothyroidism and other health disorders.  Dr. Michael Shelby of NIH confirms that soy is an estrogenic “endocrine disruptor. ” 4

The message is finally being told to legislatures because of Rep. Chellie Pingree, an organic  farmer from Maine (D, ME), Ed Perlmutter, (D, CO), and Congressman Ron Paul, (R, TX)  are sponsoring the Congressional screening of Farmageddon on Capitol Hill, on Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 5:30.  The Chicago screening is at the Gene Siskel Film Center until December 15.

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